About this Blog

Yup, it’s official – I’m on the blogging bandwagon! I’m hoping to blog regularly with my thoughts and comments, maybe even pass on a little knowledge or just rant at the latest muppet to have crossed my path!

This is not intended to be an “industry blog” as such, and whilst it will obviously contain a good proportion of Affiliate Marketing related posts, I hope that it will make sense to those readers who are outside of the AM industry.

As well as Affiliate posts, I will post about my other passions in life – I’m a part-time Investor, and will no doubt have a few opinions about the current financial news. I’m also a Music Guru (go on, ask anyone who’s ever taken me on in a music quiz… they’ll only tell you the same!), and love nothing better than to see a band play live. I’ll post any reviews for gigs I go to or just rant about the death of music by the manufactured cr*p being churned out atm ;)

I also love films, and as I’m currently working through my Lovefilm Wishlist, I thought it’d be fun to share that with you as I watch and rate titles that are new to me, but in many cases are old classics – Who’d have thought I’ve be nearly 30 before ever seeing “Scarface”?

Finally, as many people know, I am an avid Plymouth Argyle fan, and attend all home games, as well as a few away games every year. I’ll be keeping you up to date with the Pilgrim’s progress throughout the upcoming season.