a4uawards nominations now open – make sure your voice is heard!

a4uawardsSo the 2010 a4uawards are nearly upon us, and today the team have announced that nominations are open for the “community choice” element of the awards. Somewhat disappointingly, only five of the 25 awards up for grabs will be decided by the coalface workers of the Affiliate Marketing industry, with the remaining 80% of the awards decided for us by a “panel of experts”. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to ensure that your voice is heard by nominating your favourite people for the following awards:

Community Choice (Publisher) – This is a new award for 2010, and one that I think could do with some narrowing of the criteria: on what grounds should we be nominating/voting in this category? Should we be looking to reward the best newbies who went from £0 to full time in 2009? Or the affiliates who took time away from their own businesses to help others out tremendously (think Smingle)? Or will the networks be voting en masse for the names that appear on the top of their balance sheets?

Affiliate Marketing Blog of 2010 – This is the category that I was somehow shortlisted in last year, although deservedly I was nowhere near the winning post, with the excellent Affiliate Stuff scooping the top prize, and Lee McCoy getting a highly commended. It’s going to be hard to dislodge those two from the top – could newcomers Affiliate Doctors or Mark Boyd get your vote?

Publisher’s Choice – Account Manager at a Network – IIRC, this was a combined network/agency/merchant award last year? There was certainly some confusion with a similarly titled award I seem to recall. Anyway, it’s clear as day this year – What account manager has gone the extra mile for you?

Publisher’s Choice – Affiliate Manager – Who’s your favourite Affiliate Manager (not at a network)? In fairness there’s at least 10 affiliate managers I can think of who would be thoroughly deserving of this award, going well beyond the day job and help make their affiliates’ lives easier.

Publisher’s Choice – Affiliate Network – Can anyone topple Affiliate Window and stop them winning for the fourth year running? I can’t see it myself, but then perhaps you think differently?

If so (and that goes for any of the awards), then you need to make your voice is heard – and the only way to do that is to nominate your favourite affiliate (sorry, I don’t agree with “publisher” but that’s a debate for another day), blog, network account manager, affiliate manager and network to ensure they make the shortlist.

Of course once the shortlist is announced, then the annoying “vote for me” campaigns begin in ernest. Now I’m not convinced that such campaigns have any effect at all, as I believe that most people cast their votes based on their own experiences and opinions over the previous 12 months (I know I do!) rather than obeying a mass email/banner/facebook campaign demanding “vote for me, even though I’ve done bugger all for you in the last 12 months”

So, get your nominations in now – you’ve got until the 1st March to do so. If you don’t nominate your favourite person/company and they’re not shortlisted, then you’ll only have yourself to blame!

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  1. avatar Chris Johnson Says:

    Hi John.

    Thanks for your post 🙂

    Regarding the Affiliate Manager award, just to clarify this award is open to Affiliate Managers either working in-house or at an agency.

    I’ll be changing the text to ensure this is as clear as the Network account manager award.

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